Jurnal of Speaking II

  • Date, february, 10th 2011. The material is pre text 1

First meeting in structure subject, I am not do pre text because I did not came to structure class and mom Amrah gave me absent in her class, I and half of my friend still stay in my own village but mom Amrah wont to understand. So we can’t get anything in the first meeting of the structure subject.

  • February, 17th 2011. The material is irreguler verb and quiz 2

Actually I think irreguler verb is basic to study english so  I can’t get anything because nothing change in irregular verb, I think the activity is not really special.

  • February, 24th 2011. The material is countable and uncountable noun and quiz 3.

We are study about countable and uncountable noun but before study mom Amrah always give us quiz and my work every quis is not to good because I don’t know about the quiz mom Amrah not explain about the materialal by clear and I with my others friends not too understand and we always misunderstand. I don’t too like the activity because mom Amrah always give us quiz and her explain only little about the material.

  • Maret, 3rd 2011. The material is modals and quiz 4

About modals, before study mom Amrah always give us quiz, fortunately the material is not too difficult for me because I always use modals if I speak but I was misunderstand about the quiz there are many kind of modals how to use modals by well and I can get more knowledge about the modals. I don’t too like if mom Amrah always give es text before study.

  • Maret, 10th 2011. The material is qiuz 5

Like before meetings we always do text and just little of us get good value because we always misunderstand and cant concentrat because the time, limited time. I can’t see the ponit about the materialal.

  • Maret, 17th 2011. The material is yes no question

Mom Amrah not attend and she just give us assigment and the assigment is not too difficult just make me be doubt because I feel my assigment is not perfect.

  • Maret, 24th 2011. The material is quiz 6

Exactly quiz is helped us to improve our skill in english but mom Amrah seldom to explain so we always misunderstand about the quiz.

  • Maret, 31st 2011. The material is passive voice 1

Mom Amrah give us explain about passive voice but just little and I can’t get many knowledge about the material. Mom Amrah teaching is not too good because she just explain about the materialal if we ask her.

  • April, 7th 2011. The material is mid text

My mid is not too good because I’m nervous and I don’t know what I say because I’m confused and exactly every question is simple but I just nervous and mom Amrah give us limited time to answer her question.

  • April, 14th 2011. The material is passive voice 2

Yeah step by step I can understand about passive voice because my friend tells me how to use passive voice. I get much knowledge about passive voice from my friend because mom Amrah is not to clear in her explain so I ask my friend.

  • April, 21th 2011. The material is quiz

If mom Amrah give us quiz my assignment is always disappointed because my value is not too good and I don’t know how to make my assignment be a perfect. I want if mom Amrah give us explain ant then quiz.

  • April, 28th 2011. The material is report of error analysis

In this meeting mom Amrah check our report of error analysis and I am happy because finally I can understand about passive voice. But many others my friend doesn’t like mom Amrah teaching because she not too always gives us explain by clear.

  • May, 5th 2011. The material is quiz 7 (demo)

In this meeting I begin understand mom Amrah method, she explain about the subject for next week so that we can learning and training more about her material in a week. And we as a student must prepare their selves to get a good score in her quiz. I try to do my quiz but I still have not a good score and I promise, I will do the best in final test.

  • May, 12nd 2011. The material is review of the group tasks.

Last meeting before final text, mom Amrah review all materialal and explain if we ask her and give us group assignment for next meeting. I like if mom Amrah give us explain because she never angry and I can see the point and it’s my bad if I not understand.

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