Colour of Friends (Speaking @mam Amra)


* One who sees the positive and puts hope in everything.


* Colour of sea and the sky..

* Friend who brings peace and serenity.


* Colour of sun..

* Friend who make us laugh and show us a star when we are sad.


* One who reminds us of the rules in life, but encourages us to change with warm loving words.


* Enhances our spirit with a new energy, with loving vitamins to help us to grow.


* One who teaches us silence, to reflect and interior helping to know our selves and other better.


* Colour of the noble ones, will help us learn true authority and wisdom of heart.


* Might help us to step down of false illusions and come down to earth, to the reality of daily     simple true living.


* One who will help us discover the wisdom hidden to be learnt within any of our experiences


If we gather, All our friends in A big meeting, we will discover a RAINBOW of love…

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